Once upon a time...

long, long ago, 96’ to be exact, in The Great State of Texas, lived a man. A hungry, fun loving manly man. Week after week he would get drug out to Restaurants and Sports Bars to eat the same plain tiresome food in the gull-darn-dess boring places imaginable. He dreamed of a spot where he could enjoy sports and have a great meal at the same time. A place where you could meet your friends and bring your family. A place that would make him happier than a gopher in soft dirt. Well just like his momma used to tell him... if you want something done right you got ‘a do it yourself, and that’s when the idea of was born.

He knew that some restaurants do have good food however their entertainment value is limited to a smashing plate or glass or someone knuckle head in the kitchen shouting “Order Up”. On the other hand he realized that Sports Bars have great entertainment but they serve freezer to fryer food that definitely leaves much to be desired and is not really recommended for human consumption. So he gathered up the Nelson clan around the old campfire, “pulled on some long necks”, put together some old family recipes and created  Restaurants & Sports Bars. His Concept would be great food at friendly price with all the dang sports and eye popping entertainment any ole boy could want. Match this with down home service by folks that truly care and you now having a “Katie bar the door” fantastic eating experience. In fact some folks claim the Experience” is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

The food here at  is so good it would make a rabbit hug a hound dog. We have mouth watering salads, steaks, fish, sandwiches and the best wings, burgers and ribs on the planet. Mix that together with all the greatest sports packages such as the UFC, WWE, NFL, NBA, ESPN Game Plan, March Madness, Rugby, English Football, and Cricket and Yehaa, now you’re cooking. So if y’all are tired of eating at the greasy spoon down the street and watching the grass grow in parking lot, give  a try. We know you won’t be disappointed. We’re , where friends meet to have fun.


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